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Rain test plan for trucks


aim of design

The test purpose of this laboratory is mainly to test the product under rain conditions, the ability of the product to prevent rainwater penetration and the rainproof performance when or after being exposed to rain, mainly to check whether the car windows and skylights are installed properly and whether the sealing performance is reliable , Whether the installation method is correct.



The design of the test scheme refers to "Test Methods for Rainproof and Sealing of Passenger Cars" GB/T 12480-1990 and "Limits and Test Methods of Rainproof and Sealing of Passenger Cars" QC/T476-2007. It is suitable for testing the water tightness of car side windows and sunroofs. Through the multi-directional layout of nozzles in the rain shower room, the conditions of rain test are similar to the natural state outside to confirm the sealing state of the car. The rain test room mainly includes five major components: sprinkler system, water supplement system, water circulation system, sewage system, and electric control system.

Rain test for trucks-scheme diagram

[Rain shower test area] Spray water on the car windows from the side and top directions to avoid dead angles of water spray, and ensure that the water spray pressure and flow correspond to the requirements of the national standard for each part of the car. The frame structure of the rain shower room is concise and beautiful while ensuring anti-rust and anti-vibration. The entire equipment is easy to operate and facilitates the overhaul and maintenance of parts.

[Rainfall intensity] 8-10mm/min at the top, 6-8mm/min at the rest (adjustable)

【Spray system】Adopt adjustable plastic nozzle. The spray state is a solid cone with a cone angle of 60 degrees. The spray angle, the top nozzle is perpendicular to the horizontal, and the nozzle design conforms to national standards. The nozzles are in a grid array, and there is no blank area in the spray area. The nozzle can be adjusted appropriately according to the spray angle.

[Filtering device] Two-layer filtering device is installed in the pool, which can effectively filter the impurities in the circulating water of the circulating pool, reduce the clogging of the nozzle, and ensure the normal operation of the system.

[Automatic water replenishment] In order to replenish water to the pool in time, a set of water replenishment system is specially designed. The water replenishment system is composed of water inlet pipe, solenoid valve, water level switch, ball valve, etc. The automatic operation of water replenishment in the circulating pool reduces the workload and strengthens the stability of the system.


Solution value

The scheme is redesigned according to the size of heavy trucks, which can meet the test effect of complete rain and test the waterproof performance of the car body. The solution comes with a water storage filtration system, which can speed up the detection speed, complete the uninterrupted rain work, and break through the conventional daily average detection quantity. The program can also simulate different rainfall environments by adjusting the rainfall intensity, and the test effect is more realistic. At the same time, it can detect the protection ability of the whole vehicle against different intensities, which is obviously helpful for improving the design or process. The quality of the whole vehicle after the rain test is guaranteed, which also guarantees the personal interests of the driver and passengers.


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