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Car rain test room program


Project purpose

The water-tight performance of the vehicle body mainly evaluates the ability of the vehicle to prevent water from entering the passenger compartment and luggage compartment when the doors, windows and hole covers are closed in the rainy weather and car wash environment. This is the most basic requirement of the car's airtightness. Water leaks are generally manifested in poor sealing of the windshield, poor sealing of the harness sheath, poor sealing of rubber strips, poor sealing of threaded connections, stamping defects, and welding deformations. Through the vehicle rain test room, the waterproof performance of the vehicle can be tested in all directions .


An Introduction

This rain shower room is mainly used to detect the water tightness of the car. Through the rain shower room, the rain shower detection conditions are similar to the natural state of the outside to confirm the water tightness of the car. This equipment mainly includes: side and top, bottom sprinkler system, water replenishment system, water circulation system, sewage system, electric control system, top up and down lifting and so on. It can meet the test standards such as "QCT 476-2007 Rainproof and Sealing Limits and Test Methods for Passenger Cars".

Trolley rain test

Trolley rain test room - program reference diagram


[Main pipeline] All spray pipe materials are made of stainless steel; the inner diameter of the suction pipe of the water pump is 63mm, the top diameter of the water supply main pipe of the water pump is 63mm, and the main pipe diameter from the outlet of the water pump to the bottom of the flowmeter is 63mm.

【Water spray nozzle】Adopt adjustable plastic nozzle. The spray state is a solid cone with a cone angle of 60 degrees. The spray angle, the top nozzle is perpendicular to the horizontal, and the nozzle design conforms to national standards. The nozzles are in a grid array, and there is no blank area in the spray area. The nozzle can be adjusted appropriately according to the spray angle.

[Filtering device] Two-layer filtering device is installed in the pool, which can effectively filter the impurities in the circulating water of the circulating pool, reduce the clogging of the nozzle, and ensure the normal operation of the system

[Control system] Adopt PLC control + control panel control and remote remote controller control, equipped with electric parameter meter, with power-off data storage function and alarm prompt

[Automatic water replenishment] In order to replenish water to the pool in time, a set of water replenishment system is specially designed. The water replenishment system is composed of water inlet pipe, solenoid valve, water level switch, ball valve, etc. The automatic operation of water replenishment in the circulating pool reduces the workload and strengthens the stability of the system.


Solution value

The scheme is suitable for rain test of small cars, with clear structure and easy maintenance. The use of water spraying on all sides plays an important role in the quality inspection of automobile companies before leaving the factory. It can reduce the defective rate of products and avoid the loss of brand image caused to the enterprise in the later period. This rain test room includes a circulating filter spray function, which can ensure the speed of rain detection and speed up the detection efficiency. With the addition of the remote control function, the driver can drive the car to the entrance to turn on the spray switch, which is simple and convenient to operate and reduces the amount of water used for spraying.


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