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IP waterproof rating laboratory solution


Program overview

When electrical equipment is used outdoors, it may be eroded by rain. If there is no corresponding protection capability, it may cause damage to the product, and even cause serious economic losses and safety accidents. Under this circumstance, various industry associations have stipulated corresponding waterproof grades for different electrical products based on the IP enclosure protection standards and according to the application conditions of the products. As there are many types of electrical products with different application conditions, in order to quickly and efficiently complete the research and development test and quality inspection work, the company's internal or third-party testing institutions need a complete IP waterproof rating laboratory for testing.

Yuexin Company focuses on IP waterproof testing equipment. In the early stage, professional engineers can visit the customer site for on-site inspection. By understanding the test site of the customer site and combining the customer's actual test requirements (sample size and test level), we can provide customers with a complete IPX1 -9 Waterproof test solution.


An Introduction

The waterproof test room program is mainly composed of seven parts: drip test device, rain test device, water spray test device, water immersion test device, high temperature rain test device, intelligent water purification system and intelligent control system. Meet the requirements of GB4208-2017, IEC60529-2013 and GB7000.1-2015 and other enclosure protection test standards, and provide customers with a fully functional, efficient and convenient test space.

The overall layout of the waterproof test room (pictures are for reference only)


[Complete functions] Test items include IPX1 vertical drip test, IPX2 tilt 15° drip test, IPX3 spray test, IPX4 splash test, IPX5 spray test, IPX6 violent spray test, IPX7 short-term immersion test, IPX8 pressure immersion test , IPX9 high temperature and high pressure steam spray test, hand-held shower test and other 10 items, all shell waterproof level test items can be completed.  

The standard model has a drip area of ​​1000×1000mm; the rain size of the swing pipe is R1000mm, the size of the immersion tank is 1000×1000×1200mm; the IPX8 immersion depth range is 0-50 meters. (All the above data can be agreed upon customer requirements)

[Easy operation] The control programs of all open equipment are unified in the same operating system (the operating system is independently developed and designed by Yuexin Company), and the test parameters are preset according to the test standard, without the user's separate input. The touch area interface is refreshing and full of functions. You can set whether to test the power and the power-on time. The operation console can be placed outside the test room, and the user can start the tester in front of the operation table after installing the samples.  

[ Reasonable layout] According to the actual site layout of the customer site, the space is reasonably used, and the machines are operated independently of each other, and the spacing is appropriate, leaving a suitable operating space for the user. The water pipes lead from the water supply system, and the water pipes are arranged parallel to the corner of the wall, so there is no sense of cross and confusion; the electric wire jacket is uniformly insulated to protect the safety of personnel.  

[Clean water quality] Triple water purification system, the water supply system is equipped with a water softener, which can remove turbid impurities and calcium and magnesium ions in the water to prevent scale formation in the water over time, and ensure that the 0.4mm spray hole of the rain shower device can also be used Pour water unimpeded.  

【working environment】

The ambient temperature is 5℃~35℃;

Relative humidity ≤85%;

Working environment temperature: 15℃~35℃;

Equipment power supply: AC 380V; 50Hz;

Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa;


Solution value

For enterprises, the construction of a complete IPX1-9 waterproof test room can provide enterprises with professional waterproof level testing equipment, which facilitates the enterprise's R&D process, saves the trouble of outsourced testing by enterprises, and speeds up the development of products. , So that the company's products are more competitive in the early stage than their peers. In addition, with a professional waterproof rating test room, when customers come to audit the factory, they can also verify the company's professionalism in this field, forming a good image in the user center, and gaining public praise from users.

For testing units, a complete waterproof grade laboratory can provide more companies with more testing opportunities and stronger service capabilities. Whether it is indoor electrical appliances or outdoor electrical equipment, different waterproof grade requirements can be completed in a complete laboratory.


success case

Huizhou Seton Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Dekai Quality Certification (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.


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