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Ocean depth simulation test solution


Project background

With the development of human science and technology, land resources have gradually been unable to meet development needs, so people turned their attention to the ocean. The development of marine resources requires a large number of deep-water environmental operations, such as subsea oil exploration, cable laying, and subsea sampling. Due to the extremely high pressure in the deep sea, one atmosphere is increased for every 10 meters of diving. Therefore, underwater robots, samplers, cameras, sensors and other products that enter the sea must undergo deep-water pressure tests before being put into use. At present, most of the traditional ocean depth simulation test devices on the market use the air pressure method for testing, which is difficult to operate and has a high risk factor. For business users, many are compelling choices. This situation of hiding test risks also requires Improved.



The ocean depth simulation test device designed by Yuexin Company adopts the principle of water injection pressurization, which can simulate the water depth pressure of 1000 meters underwater. The device uses pure 304# stainless steel as the main container, and takes advantage of the small water compression ratio to form a closed environment in the container. Under the action of the booster pump, water is injected into the full water container to increase the water pressure.

Sea depth simulation test device - reference plan diagram

[Water injection container] It is made of 304 stainless steel and is a cylindrical cavity; the internal wall thickness is 16mm, and the flange thickness reaches 30mm, ensuring good pressure bearing performance.

[Pressurization range] Can simulate the depth range of 0-1000 meters (the depth size is customized according to the actual diving depth of the user's product)

[Test mode] Multiple pressure test modes can be set, and multiple groups of modes can be maintained. When using, you only need to select the previously set mode and press the start button; each group of modes requires 5 continuous test stages, and each Working time and pressure can be set at all stages

[Pressure Sensing] The equipment is equipped with a safety valve relief valve (mechanical type); two pressure sensors are used at the same time, one pressure sensor is used to detect the test pressure, and the other pressure sensor is used for overpressure detection, and its set value 0.1MPA higher than the detection pressure sensor, when the pressure in the tank exceeds the overpressure sensor, it will alarm and automatically open the exhaust valve

[Control system] Using the operating program independently developed and designed by Yuexin, the test depth and time and other parameters can be set through the 7-inch color touch screen; the tank lid can be automatically opened through the cylinder device without manual operation by personnel, reducing operating pressure.


Solution value

The ocean depth simulation test device uses the principle of water pressure to simulate the water depth test environment required by general enterprise users. The main advantage of this scheme is that it adopts a safer method of water injection and pressurization, which reduces potential safety risks; and the speed of water injection and pressurization is faster, and the pressure of kilometer water depth can be reached in a shorter time, which also improves The detection efficiency of the enterprise. The test mode of multiple pressure changes can simulate a relatively dynamic test, which brings greater help to the authenticity of the test results. All in all, this scheme not only improves the detection efficiency while reaching the depth of the test, but also ensures the safety of the test personnel. The depth can also be customized according to the user's product. The application prospect is very wide, and it can be applied to fields such as diving sports, ocean collection, military research and development.


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