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Artificial rainfall simulation solution


Project background

Natural rainwater damages products and materials, causing incalculable economic losses every year. The damage caused mainly includes water ingress, corrosion, fading, deformation, strength decrease, swelling, mildew, etc., especially electrical products that are easy to cause fires due to short circuits caused by rain. Therefore, it is an indispensable key procedure to carry out the shell protection water test for a specific product or material. For different rainfall levels, the protective performance of the enclosure may vary, so a set of devices that can simulate different rainfall levels is needed to verify the rainproof performance of the test piece.


An Introduction

Based on the rainfall intensity issued by the National Meteorological Administration, Yuexin has formulated a set of six levels of rainfall scenarios that can simulate light rain, moderate rain, heavy rain, heavy rain, heavy rain, and extra heavy rain. The rain-drenching environment simulation test system is composed of an intelligent water supply system, a fully automatic control system, a rain plate, and a rain plate rotating structure.

Artificial rainfall simulation test

Artificial rainfall simulation test device - internal structure sketch


[Working Principle] During the rain test, the rain level signal and the rain angle signal are sent out on the electric control console in the electric control operation room. The water pump is driven by the motor to deliver the water from the water tank to the nozzle, and the flow adjustment system automatically adjusts it to At the same time, the rainfall level of rainfall is controlled by controlling the rotation angle of the rainfall plate to make the water jet to the specimen, and the rainfall test is performed on the specimen.

[Rain plate] The rain plate frame is made of 304# stainless steel, with fine workmanship, acid and alkali resistance and anti-rust function, size 2000*4000mm; 180 nozzles are arranged on the rain plate, and the nozzle layout is vertical 18 rows, each row 10 Two nozzles, 230mm in the longitudinal direction and 220mm in the transverse direction; each row is controlled by a single waterproof solenoid valve, which can achieve the spraying requirements of single or multiple spray pipes.

[Water supply system] It is composed of water tank unit, inlet unit, pump unit, outlet unit, flow sensor unit, pressure sensor unit, etc., connected together by stainless steel pipes and fixed on the water supply system rack.

[Rotating structure] Rainwater simulation sprinkler rotation range: horizontal to vertical (0-90 degree rotation) can simulate vertical rainfall, 45°rainfall/90°rainfall.

[Control system] The control unit adopts the company’s self-developed human-machine interface PLC control system and is equipped with a touch screen. The user can connect to the APP and PC client control system through the touch screen or WIFI. The operation panel is equipped with indicator lights and buttons to facilitate user monitoring and Control system.

Rainfall reference value (the rainfall standard is higher than the rainfall degree classification standard of the Meteorological Bureau):

1. Light rain rainfall: 1H rainfall is less than 10mm,

2. Moderate rain rainfall: 1H rainfall is less than 10.1-25mm,

3. Heavy rain rainfall: 1H rainfall is less than 25.1-50mm,

4. Heavy rain rainfall: 1H rainfall is less than 50.1-100mm,

5. Heavy rain rainfall: 1H rainfall is less than 100.1-200mm,

6. Extremely heavy rain rainfall: 1H rainfall is greater than 250mm



Solution value

The scheme is independently developed and designed by Yuexin Company. By rotating the large rain plate, it can be fully sprayed from various angles for samples of different sizes. By simulating different rainfalls, the device can detect the waterproof performance of the sample under different degrees, which is helpful for enterprise R&D personnel to implement corresponding improvement programs (especially in material selection). At the same time, because the degree of simulated rainfall is higher than the conventional rainfall standard, so long as the test is passed, it is sufficient to ensure the rainproof ability in the corresponding life scene. This solution is suitable for many industry scenarios, such as vehicle rain test, building curtain wall rain, etc.


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