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IPX1-4 Comprehensive Rain Test Machine
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IPX1-4 Comprehensive Rain Test Machine

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IPX1-4 Comprehensive Rain Test Machine Area of ​​drip box 600×600mm IPX3/IPX4 rain test Built-in water storage tank 30L Comprehensive test for dripping (IPX1/2) and rain (IPX3/4) IPX1-4 Comprehensive Rain Test Machine 360° no dead angle test IPX3/X4 level test IPX3 swing tube plus or minus 60° IPX4 pendulum tube plus or minus 180° Tiltable turntable Turntable load can be customized Convenient needle replacement Accurate flow Add water once and can be reused Environmental protection Stainless steel mesh protective cover ensure safety Drip board flow rate 1.08L/min IPX1-4 Comprehensive Rain Test Machine

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Size parameters Inner box size 900×900×900mm
  Overall dimensions 1350×1150×1750mm
  Suggested sample size ≤450×300×250mm
  Drip area 600×600mm
  Pendulum tube diameter φ800mm
  Turntable diameter φ400mm
  Orifice diameter φ0.4mmm

Performance parameter Flow range IPX1/2:0-1.08 ml/min IPX3/4:0-2.0 L/min
  Swing angle ≤350°
  Turntable bearing 50kg
  way to control Touch screen settings

Conditions of Use voltage AC 220V
  power 1.0kw
  Recommended venue size Length×Width≥1800×2000mm
  Water source conditions Preferential use of purified water; tap water is also available (matching 3 meters water pipe)


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