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Pressurized integrated rain box
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Pressurized integrated rain box

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Pressurized integrated rain box Comprehensive test for dripping (IPX1/2) and rain (IPX3/4/4K) The aperture of the IPX4K swing tube is 0.8mm 304 stainless steel turntable tilt 0-15° Water drip area 1000×1000mm Filter impurities in water Prevent nozzle clogging Protect the pump Protect electrical appliances Pressurized integrated rain box Waterproof power test With filter Four-corner universal wheel Flexible application IPX1-IPX4K comprehensive test wide range The inner box, turntable and water storage tank are all 304 stainless steel Shell steel material manufacturing Has a touch screen for efficient work Pressurized integrated rain box

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Size parameters Inner box size 900×900×900mm
  Overall dimensions 1350×1150×1750mm
  Suggested sample size ≤450×300×250mm
  Drip area 600×600mm
  Pendulum tube diameter φ800mm
  Turntable diameter φ400mm
  Orifice diameter φ0.4mmm (IPX3/4) φ0.8mmm (IPX4K)

Performance parameter Flow range IPX1/2:0-1.08 ml/min IPX3/4:0-2.0 L/min
  Swing angle ≤350°
  Turntable bearing 50kg
  way to control Touch screen settings

Conditions of Use voltage AC 220V
  power 1.0kw
  Recommended venue size Length×Width≥1800×2000mm
  Water source conditions Preferential use of purified water; tap water is also available (matching 3 meters water pipe)


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