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Wet test rain test solution


Project background

High-voltage electrical appliances often encounter rain in the outdoor state, in this case the protective performance of the electrical insulator will be tested. In the chapter 4.4 of the wet test in the high-voltage electrical standard GB/T16927.1-2011, there is an express provision for this protection test, but there is no clear reference drawing of the test equipment, which has caused problems for the manufacture of the wet test spray device. But it also provides more opportunities for all test equipment manufacturers. After research and discussion with State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power Research Institute, Yuexin Company worked out the plan.

The scheme was independently developed and designed by Yuexin Company and applied for related patents.


An Introduction

This equipment is a wet test rain equipment, according to the standard GB/T16927.1-2011 in 4.4 wet test, electrical products must undergo a wet test before leaving the factory to test the sealing performance of the electrical enclosure. This equipment is mainly used to meet the technical requirements for wet test of outdoor transformers of 35KVA and below in distribution network equipment.

[Pre-drenching] According to the wet test standard, the test piece shall be pre-drenched for at least 15 minutes without interruption. The time for preparing for rain does not include the time to adjust the shower head. You can also use tap water to prepare for rain for 15 minutes, and then start the test It is necessary to use water under the specified conditions to continuously prepare for rain, and for at least 2 minutes, all water for testing must be measured before the rain.

[Rainfall] The rain conditions of the standard wet test procedure: the average rain rate of all measuring points under the rain rack, the vertical component is 1.0~2.0mm/min; the horizontal component is 1.0~2.0mm/min. If the limit value of each component is measured individually each time, the average value is ±0.5mm/min.

[Main frame] It is suitable for test samples of different sizes. The frame is designed as a rain plate that can be adjusted up and down electrically. In order to ensure that the limit value of each component is the average value of ±0.5mm/min for each individual measurement, the rain plate Designed to be able to manually adjust the angle, adjust the vertical and horizontal component uniformity through the rain gauge to fix the spray angle of the rain plate.

[Sprinkler heads] Use custom-made nozzles to ensure that the water falling on the sample is in a drop shape (avoid fog). The nozzles are arranged at a distance of 100mm*100mm, the size of the rain plate is 1100*1100, and 10 nozzles are arranged horizontally, longitudinally Arrange 10 nozzles, a total of 100 nozzles, to ensure the uniformity of the rain.


Solution value

The wet test rain test program provides professional test conditions for the quality inspection of high-voltage electrical appliances, and can test the rain-proof performance of high-voltage electrical appliances and accessories under natural rain conditions. The solution can adjust the rain angle through the rotating device to meet the requirements of equal amount of rain from the vertical and horizontal directions. The equipment uses pure water for testing, which is more realistic for the test results (higher resistivity, close to the resistivity of rainwater).


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