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Smart toilet lid waterproof test solution


Project background

Smart toilet coverOriginated in the United States, it is used for medical treatment and elderly care. It was initially equipped with a warm water washing function. United StatesFirst started to manufacture smart toilet lids, and then passed through Korea,JapanSanitary ware companies gradually introduced technology and started manufacturing.

Recently, the smart toilet lid was spot-checked by the Supervision and Administration Bureau, and nearly 40% of them were unqualified, which could easily cause electric shock. In the test, the inner live wire of the detachable part of a smart toilet lid can be directly touched by hand. All these show that the current smart toilet lid still has immature structural design. The key factor of the smart toilet lid is its waterproof performance. Since it is in direct contact with the human body, if leakage occurs, it will not only directly cause the loss of the manufacturer’s profit, but also damage the company’s brand image, which is not conducive to the long-term development of the company. Therefore, considering the use environment of the smart toilet lid, the manufacturer must do the corresponding waterproof test during R&D and manufacturing. The waterproof performance of the smart toilet lid must be tested before leaving the factory, and the quality control management shall be done.


An Introduction

The toilet cover rain test room program is mainly composed of four test parts: the pendulum pipe rain test, the shower rain test, the water spray test, and the water immersion test. It can carry out all-round and multi-level waterproof tests for the whole and partial parts of the toilet lid.

Smart toilet lid rain test room -reference plan

[Swing pipe water spray test] According to the normal size of the toilet lid, the R800mm swing pipe is selected, and the imported servo motor is used as the drive, which can perform a smooth and accurate water spray test. The electronic flowmeter sensor is used to detect the flow rate, and the flow rate is directly displayed on the touch. The inverter PID automatically constant current (control by intelligent water supply system).

[Shower rain test] 3 CNC-machined shower nozzles are arranged on the horizontal axis, and the water spray area can cover 5 samples, and the top surface of the pattern is intensively rained. Mainly detect the points of the smart toilet lid.

[Water spray and rain test] The spray gun is controlled by a stepping motor to automatically swing up and down. The swing height and speed are adjustable on the touch screen, without the need for manual operation. The spray flow can reach 12.5L/min (IPX5 level) and 100L/min (IPX6 level) respectively. Through the up and down sweeping test, the smart toilet can be sprayed in all directions (except the bottom), and the test effect is more comprehensive.

[Water immersion test] To test the protective performance of the electric control parts of the toilet cover, such as connectors, connectors, etc., it is necessary to ensure tight waterproof performance.


Solution value

Yuexin adopts a rain-drenched test program, which can conduct multi-level waterproof tests on smart toilet lids. For smart toilet lid detection, comprehensive tests can be carried out from part to the whole, and the quality is strictly controlled. Enables companies to quickly discover problems and make improvements in the R&D stage. Compared with the conventional water spray test, this solution adopts different degrees of water spray test from different angles, which can more effectively test the protective performance of the smart toilet cover in every possible situation. These test items can help companies understand more comprehensively where there is room for improvement, thereby improving product quality and enhancing the core competitiveness of products.


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