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Rain test solution for railway passenger car power supply


Project background

China Railway Passenger Depending on the application, have the following main categories: car seat, soft-seat cars, sleeper cars, sleeper cars, baggage cars, dining cars, postal vehicles , maintenance vehicles, culture and education cars, vehicles and so on . Railway passenger car power supply converters are specially designed for railway passenger cars. Each carriage is equipped with a set of power converters, which are divided into inverter boxes and charging cases . The bus power supply generally adopts DC600V direct current power supply. The bus DC600V power supply system is mainly composed of the following devices: inverter power supply device (referred to as inverter box), DC600V/DC110V power supply device (referred to as charging case), electrical integrated control cabinet, battery box, car-side connector and wiring and other equipment . In order to ensure that the power supply device can maintain effective operation under rainwater during operation, it is necessary to conduct a professional rain test for this part.

Railway power supply

An Introduction

The plan is formulated by citing standards such as TB/T 1802-2016 water tightness test method for railway vehicles and GB/T 4208-2017 enclosure protection class (IP code). The rain test room consists of the main structure, sprinkler system, and control system. The rain test room has an integrated design and must be equipped with movable casters with brakes. No civil works are used on site.

Railway power source rain test plan-draft

[Main structure] The frame is connected (welded) by stainless steel rectangular pipes, and the fasteners (screws) used in the main structure must be stainless steel; the sealing plate is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 2mm; the bottom of the main body is a water storage tank, stainless steel Material, set water inlet, sewage drain, overflow, the design of the water tank should be convenient for subsequent cleaning

[Sample placement] The bottom plate of the platform is positioned in the left and right center and cannot move left or right. The front and back can be moved, and there are slide rails with rails for movement. The slide rails are braked, and the limit device is set on the inner side. After the position reaches the limit point, the entire placement platform should be in the center of the test room. The test piece is transported laterally to the test piece placement table by a manual hydraulic stacker (1T). The placement of the table and the design of the bottom space of the rain test room should consider the factors of the forklift components to prevent conflicts with the forklift;

[Spray system] The piping of the sprinkler system adopts stainless steel pipes, and the sprinkler adopts a stainless steel sprinkler. The spray state is a solid cone, the nozzle outlet pressure is> 0.1Mpa, the distance between the nozzle and the test piece is ≤ 1 m, and the spray intensity is> 6mm/min ; The top surface and 4 sides of the test piece shall be subjected to the rain test at the same time. There is no blank area in the spray area during the rain. The projection of the center line of the top nozzle of the test piece on the upper surface of the test piece should be roughly perpendicular to the upper surface of the test piece , The projection of the center line of the 4-side sprinkler on the cross-section of the test piece should be at an angle of 45±5° to the horizontal, and the spraying time>5min, and 0-60min adjustable.

[Control system] The control system adopts a simple control method, that is, the control cabinet panel is set with start, stop, and emergency stop switches, and the corresponding visual monitoring instruments are set on the control panel.

[Specimen weight] ≤800kg.


Solution value

The solution adopts an integrated model, and the inner box table can bear a load of 800kg, which can meet the rain test of large heavy objects such as inverter cabinets and charging cabinets. There is no need for users to rebuild the rain room and save the user's construction cost. The multi-directional spray method can complete the full rain effect on the test piece, and the waterproof performance test of the test piece is very strict, which directly assists the user to improve the reliability of the product, and improves the overall quality of the railway passenger car. Due to the impact of water leakage, passengers have a better riding experience.

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