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Charging pile waterproof test solution


Project background

In the southern part of the country, there is continuous rain during the rainy season, which has to make new energy car owners and charging equipment vendors worry about whether the open-air charging piles will affect their quality due to wind and rain, posing a safety threat. In order to allay users' concerns and make users feel relieved to purchase charging piles, each charging pile company must manufacture products in accordance with standards such as "NB/T 33002-2018-Technical Conditions for AC Charging Pile for Electric Vehicles". In the standard, the protection level test is an indispensable type test (type test refers to the structural test that must be done in the design stage).


Project challenge

The protection level of domestic charging piles generally reaches IP54 or P65, and a full range of rain tests are required for charging piles, and all surfaces need to be sprayed. However, due to the external dimensions of the charging pile (mainly due to height issues), if the conventional pendulum tube raining method (even with the largest pendulum tube size) is used, all water spraying cannot be achieved, and the pendulum tube rain test device occupies the bottom The area is large, and the operating space needs to reach 4×4×4 meters. The appearance is only one of the reasons. The bigger problem is that the weight of the charging pile is heavier. The ordinary charging pile can reach 100kg, and the larger one can reach about 350kg. The load bearing of the ordinary turntable cannot meet this requirement, so a custom set is required. Large-area, load-bearing, non-deformable stage, and can achieve uniform rotation during testing. These are no small problems for some inexperienced manufacturers.


An Introduction

The rain test program of the charging pile is mainly composed of five parts: rain shower, water spray device, water supply system, control system and drainage system. According to the requirements of GB4208-2017, IEC60529-2013 and industry standards for charging piles, Yuexin Company launched a rain test room that combines IPX4 shower rain system and IPX5/6 full spray device.

Rain test of charging pile

Charging pile rain test room-overall effect (pictures are for reference only)


[Integrated control] Through the central integrated control system, the three spray states of IPX4, IPX5, and IPX6 are controlled; independent research and development operating procedures are adopted, all function keys are easily set through the touch screen, the interface is refreshing, and the operation is convenient.

[Automatic constant current] In the intelligent water supply system, the inverter PID is used to realize automatic constant current, and the real-time flow is monitored by electronic sensors and displayed directly on the touch screen.

[Global spraying] 4 showers and raining devices are evenly distributed, and the spraying area can reach at least 3 square meters, which can almost completely cover the entire outer surface of the charging pile (except the bottom).

[Displacement sensing] Both the side spray and top spray of the shower rain shower can sense the distance from the charging pile, and can automatically adjust the spray distance to meet the standard requirements (standard distance range 300-500mm).

[Swinging spray] The shower can realize swinging spray, the spraying range is ±50° adjustable, and the swing frequency is 1-20 times/min. The IPX5 spray gun can swing up and down within this range by setting the swing height.

[Loadable objects] The loading platform adopts built-in installation, the table top is kept flush with the ground, the table top has reserved slots, and the charging pile is transported by a forklift, which is convenient for loading and unloading. The stage is made of 12mm thick steel plate, and the basic load-bearing capacity can reach 1000kg.

【working environment】

The ambient temperature is 5℃~35℃;

Relative humidity ≤85%;

Working environment temperature: 15℃~35℃;

Equipment power supply: AC 380V; 50Hz;

Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa;

[Protection measures] Leakage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection.


Solution value

[Save enterprise investment] This solution adopts shower-type water spray test, which has a small footprint, which saves space for enterprises and reduces input costs at the same time;

[Accurate test results] The swing spray method can be used to achieve a bottom-up water spray angle. The inspection of the charging pile is more stringent and the waterproof performance of the charging pile can be verified.

[Easy operation by personnel] The automatic distance sensing system greatly saves the trouble of manually moving the test cabinet and makes it easier for testers.

[Wide scope of application] The built-in leveling platform is used in the room, which effectively solves the problem of moving the charging pile; the customized platform has a larger load-bearing range and can be adapted to almost all types of charging pile tests in the enterprise.


success case

Xi'an Terad Intelligent Charging Technology Co., Ltd.

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