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Outdoor robot rain test solution


Project background

Due to the development of artificial intelligence technology, outdoor robots are playing an increasingly important role in industry and service industries, such as inspection robots and fire-fighting robots. These robots will encounter rain when working outdoors. In order to ensure that the machine can guarantee good usability in the outdoor state, we need to carry out a water spray test on the robot before leaving the factory.


An Introduction

The robot rain test room is composed of four parts: room body, spray device, water storage and recovery system, and control system. Among them, the turntable is a customized liftable turntable with a load of 300kg, which is convenient for testing both indoor and outdoor robots. The rain shower device can simulate IPX3-IPX6 four waterproof level tests according to GB4208-2017 and other enclosure protection test standards. At the same time, the device supports user-defined water spray test, the flow rate can be adjusted, and the spray direction can be set by yourself.

Inspection robot rain test plan - reference diagram


[Room structure] The room is made of stainless steel, and the inner wall is made of transparent material, which is convenient for users to observe the test condition of water spray. The bottom of the room is made up of 4 solid and reliable bottom plates which are fully welded and spliced. The inner side is welded with square passes, and the bottom load-bearing capacity can reach 300kg/㎡.

[Spray device] R1200mm swing pipe rain device is installed on the right side of the house, which can carry out standard IPX3 and IPX4 waterproof tests. The pendulum tube is driven by an imported servo motor, which swings smoothly and has a precise angle. The test flow is controlled by an electronic flow sensor for constant current closed-loop precise control. The production flow parameters can be set directly on the touch screen, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. An IPX5/IPX6 spray gun is installed on the right side of the room body, which can perform up and down sweeping spray actions to achieve a full range of tests on the robot.

[Water storage system] There is a large water storage tank built into the right side of the house, which can store about 200L of pure water; the water tank is directly connected to the water inlet of the sprinkler device to ensure that the water spray test can be performed during use. The circulating waterway is equipped with a precision filter system to ensure clean water quality and will not block the spray pipe due to impurities introduced by the product or the tester.

[Control system] The external control cabinet and the inclined panel design are convenient for users to operate. The operating system adopts the test program designed and developed by Yue Xin for customers, with complete functions and refreshing interface. The system integrates four levels of test procedures, which can be set freely. At the same time, the program supports free switching between Chinese and English, which is convenient for foreign users to visit and experience.

[Load-bearing device] Taking into account the weight of the user's product, Yue Xin customizes a turntable with a load-bearing capacity of 300kg, with a diameter of 1200mm, and the height of the turntable, which is convenient for users to pick and place test products. At the same time, it can support three rotation modes: forward rotation, interval rotation and forward and reverse rotation. A sample power supply is installed at the bottom of the turntable, which can support users to conduct power-on tests.


Solution value

The robot rain test plan is designed as a house structure. The house body can be directly manufactured in the factory and installed on-site by Yuexin Company, which saves customers a lot of energy and cost for the construction of rain house. At the same time, the house supports cyclic rain test, saving customers a lot of water resources. Load-bearing breaks through the traditional limitations, can load up to 300kg, and can realize automatic lifting to reach the standard test height. The room body adopts a transparent structure, and the test situation can be observed from all angles of the room body, which is of great help to improve the protective structure of the robot's shell. At the same time, the circulating water tank in the house can continuously test the water supply, which speeds up the test and improves the R&D efficiency of the enterprise.


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