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Electric vehicle rain test solution


Project background

Since most of the components and connections of electric vehicles are exposed, whether the protective performance of electric vehicles is qualified under rainy conditions has a significant impact on the use of electric vehicles. In "GB 24155-2009-Safety Requirements for Electric Motorcycles and Electric Mopeds", the following provisions are made for the rain-proof capability of electric vehicles.



An Introduction

The rain test device for electric vehicles consists of four parts: shower head, adjustable spray bracket, electric vehicle turntable and auxiliary slope. As shown below:

Electric vehicle rain test device - real shot


[Spray device] The IPX3 shower head is used for the water spray test. The nozzle can be fixed by the bracket without holding it. The spray angle and spray height can be adjusted manually. The spray flow can meet the standard of 10L/min. The test can be realized by connecting the tap water.

[Sample turntable] is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 1.2 meters and a load-bearing capacity of 200kg.

[Auxiliary device] Assist the user to move the sample to the turntable to reduce the burden on personnel.


Solution value

This rain test program meets the rain test requirements of the electric vehicle standard and is helpful to the quality inspection of electric vehicles. The rain shower angle is adjustable, and the detection range of electric vehicles is wide. In addition, the device adopts a simple structure, which can be quickly installed and put into use for enterprises.

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