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Container rain test solution


Project background

During the shipping process, the container has a long journey and may suffer long-term rain erosion. In the past, many customers have been repeatedly complained by customers due to damp goods, and even returned goods, with losses of tens of thousands or even millions. What's more, because the goods are moldy, they are required to be destroyed on the spot by the local customs, and incineration fees are required for the loss of a large amount of goods. Some lost orders because the goods were rusted and corroded. How to check whether the waterproof performance of a container meets the standards required by freight forwarders has become a problem for many manufacturers to consider.

Due to the large size of the container, in order to carry out a full range of rain test, it is necessary to select a rain shower device suitable for a larger size. Through cooperation with Sungrow Power Supply Company, Yuexin Company developed a more complete rain test system based on the dimensions it provided.


An Introduction

The solution adopts a water spraying method with multiple spray guns and automatic sweeping to perform a full range of water spray detection on the container. The program refers to international and domestic standards such as IEC60529 and GB4208, and sprays the sample by arranging three IPX5 and IPX6 nozzles in four directions: front, rear, left, and right. The frame in each position can automatically sense the distance of the sample and adjust the spray distance to meet the waterproof test standard of 2.5-3 meters.

[Automatic water spray] In order to ensure a full range of spray effects, Yue Xin redesigned the spray method according to the volume of the container. The front and rear spray guns use left and right sweeping water sprays, the top spray gun adopts front and rear sweeping water sprays, and the left and right nozzles adopt up and down sweeping water sprays.

[Automatic distance adjustment] The frame where the nozzle is installed is equipped with a sensor, which can automatically adjust the spray distance from the container according to the set parameters, and is suitable for both large and small samples.

[Automatic constant current] Adopt DN80 electronic flow sensor (flow range: 10-100㎡/h), accuracy 1%. Automatic constant current control flow.

[Adjustable travel speed] The transmission structure is made of stainless steel gear + chain, which has strong bearing function; at the same time, the travel speed can be set on the touch screen, which is convenient and quick.

[Remote monitoring] The operating status of the equipment can be read through the wireless network remote technology, and the equipment failure can be accurately judged at the fastest speed, and the fastest maintenance service can be provided. The operating status of the device can be checked at any time through the mobile APP.


Solution value

The design of the container rain test provides a favorable detection method for domestic container manufacturers, and has a better technical guarantee for quality control; the device can also be used to detect the service life of containers and other products, and can observe the container Protection performance after different years; through this waterproof detection link, the shipment of defective containers can be reduced, and the risk of accidental losses due to defective container transportation can be reduced.

At the same time, the solution can also provide a reference for the waterproof detection of similar large-volume and heavy-weight products.


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