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Water heater rain test installation solution


Project background

The rain test of the water heater needs to adopt a swing tube type water spray test device. Then, considering that the ordinary turntable is not convenient for placing the sample, it is necessary to customize a suitable fixture for the water heater. Through on-site inspections, Yuexin has combined various specifications and sizes of water heaters and the daily installation conditions of water heaters, and formulated two sets of adjustable installation fixtures.


An Introduction

Considering the installation method of the water heater, Yue Xin designed the water heater into two styles: horizontal and vertical. Each style is made of high-quality steel. The rain shower adopts the R1000mm swing tube rain test device to conduct a 350° surrounding splash test.

Water heater rain test device - reference scheme diagram


[Vertical Bracket] Stainless steel is used as the bracket and bottom support material. At the same time, the contact part measures the distance between the fasteners of the water heater, and drills are used to fix the water heater. The bottom buckle adopts a movable structure, which is convenient to adapt to various sizes of samples.

[Horizontal bracket] According to the arc design of the water heater, it can properly hold the water heater to ensure that the water heater will not shake during the test. At the same time, it prevents the fixture from becoming a rain shield, making the whole test more rigorous.

[Easy installation] There are four holes at the bottom of the fixture, which are firmly fixed with hexagonal screws, and users can easily install and remove them.


Solution value

This program is specially designed for rain test of water heaters and items similar to water heaters. Refer to the actual installation method of the water heater to test, and the test results are closer to the expectations of enterprise users. The rain shower device can not only detect the rainproof performance of the water heater, but also is more professional than the testing of the testing unit, and the professional testing process also has a certain marketing value.


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