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Seton lighting IPX1-9 overall rain laboratory installation site

In May 2018, the R&D department of Xidun Lighting contacted Yue Xin and invited Yue Xin to come and develop a complete rain laboratory plan for him.
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Transaction time: May 2018

Customer location: Huizhou

Test requirement: Waterproof test of IP housing of lamps and lanterns

Optional equipment: IPX1-9+UL rain laboratory


Seton Lighting

Seton Lighting was established in 2006 and is a professional and systematic lighting solution service provider integrating design, production, marketing and services. With a global vision and leading future application trends, the company has formed a full range of models covering hotels, real estate, shops, offices, exhibition halls, outdoor, home furnishing, public transportation, fire emergency, electrical engineering, etc. in accordance with the development characteristics and needs of market segments . Seton lighting covers an area of ​​nearly 100,000 square meters, with seton lighting specialty stores all over the country, establishing two R&D centers in Grafwirt, Germany and Huizhou, China. It has the first domestic lighting experience center, testing center and advanced R&D and production equipment. Seton Lighting Testing Center was accredited by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).

Yue Xin has been focusing on the field of IP waterproof testing equipment for many years, and has been relying on the quality of the equipment and services to gain praise from users. This kind of word-of-mouth marketing has been verified by Huizhou Xidun Lighting. In May 2018, the R&D department of Seton Lighting contacted Yue Xin and invited Yue Xin to come to his door to develop a complete rain laboratory plan. After the engineer came to survey, he provided him with a complete layout plan. After three consultations, the two sides reached a consensus. Due to the wide range of business involved in Sidon, we finally chose to do the IPX1-9 complete rain test room. At the same time, due to the foreign business, the UL American standard rain test device was added in the later period.


Seton LightingIPX1-9+UL Rain Laboratory

Seton lighting rain laboratory is installed - site photo

In the end, Yue Xinren built a complete IP waterproof rating testing laboratory for Sidon in just 20 days, relying on his steadfast attitude in making equipment . At the same time, engineer Yue Xin worked overtime continuously at the Xidun site and successfully completed the installation and commissioning. This perseverance and dedication has also won the trust and praise of customers.

When Mr. Yang of Seton Lighting accepted the follow-up visit, he used several "thanks" to express his respect to Yue Xin. He said that if the branch has other waterproof test items, he will definitely find you Yue Xin.



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